Can I Port Current Number

Yes you can port your number over but it may be a challenge with your current company that holds the phone number you have.Let me explain. I once had a magic jack number that was ported over from a telephone company that i was paying over $40 a month for. So i thought the process would be easy for my second number that i wanted to be ported over so i called the other company i was paying for my other number and they said that they would not release the phone number because they had to upgrade there software’s to be compatible with the magic jack number that it was getting ported to. When i called them over and over again i noticed that there stories did not match.  I had talked to Magic Jack rep and asked them this question. What they told me was yes they can do this but it all depends on the company that’s providing you your service now. Let’s face it what company wants to lose business. So what they said they have run into in the past was companies not wanting to release the phone number that clients of theirs had. From what they told me was it is a legal battle that is and has been going on for some time because companies are not allowed to hold on to your phone number. Now how much of that is true is beyond my knowledge. I am not giving anyone legal advice, instead I am relaying what I was told.

The Bottom line is if you want to port your number over, call your company and demand that you are switching to a less expensive phone service and ask them if you are allowed to port the number over. Sometimes a new number is better if you have a lot of people calling you who you don’t want to call.

They said that to port over the number there would be a small fee.

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